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Who’s that blaak sheeeep??????????

March 26, 2010

The reason I’m screeeeeaming this like my athmartha guru, annan Goundamani, is because I’ve been wanting to see the most popular person in Chennai for close to about 10 years.

Its not Rajinikanth – Whom I ve met once after bunking college and waiting in front of Arunachala inn.

It’s not AR Rahman. It’s not Karunanidhi. It’s not anyone else you might think.

But its P James. Now what a relief to finally see someone and put a face to their name, whom I’ve been waiting to see since the year 2000.

For those of you who dont know him, you might not be a Chennaiite. If you are incase a Chennaiite and don’t know him, you’re probably “literarically challenged” (Thats a word coined by me and I’m applying for a copyright).

Infact, being a Chennaiite, one should also know his cell phone number by heart.

I’m talking about none other than P James Magic Show guy who, on the contrary to painting the town red, painted Chennai in black with his name and phone number.

This guy probably covered the length and breadth of Chennai, advertising his ‘core competency’ (just in case my manager reads this blog). Anyone in Chennai would have come across these (estimated to be 30,000) advertisements and would have wondered who this guy is.

Infact, he has a wikipedia page about him. The Chennai corporation had to request him to stop desecrating the “clean and neat” walls of Chennai. Also he has lent his name for a book titled “Looking for P James”.

I dont think its gonna take long for some MBA student to do a case study on his advertising and marketing skills and how effective they were. “P James Magic Show – 98410 72571” Now how concise can anyone be than Mr. P James!! He got the message through to the public in a manner thats never before attempted.

TIll then, if you need a magician for a house party or an office party, you know whom to call.

James's Advts in the City Wall 1

James's Advts in the City Wall 1



P James - The man himself

P James - The man himself (Not the white guy)


Etymology of Pongada Dei…

March 25, 2010

Pongada Dei becomes ‘Go’ngada Dudes in English and ‘Jao’ngada Chokre in Hindi…
The significance of this phrase is, it can be used while one is frustrated, sad, angry, shy, ecstatic, etc…
Its a good phrase to stop a fight, hurry people in lines, threaten street urchins and the like.
Though the scalability of this phrase is beyond anyone’s imaginations, I mostly use it while watching Cricket matches, especially when India or Chennai Super Kings bowl alwha balls to the opposition, for which the opposing batsmen take first class tickets to boundary and send them away with fanfare glory.
Offlate I’m starting to use it in traffic signals where people fail to see the traffic signal post and the lights, eventhough they are painted in bright yellow, during my negotiations with auto drivers – who charge Rs.100 to go to my office which is just 4 kms away, and the psycopath convention in Rediff and Orkut where any topic eventually ends with North/South fight.
So this blog will feature happennings that make me say………….. Pongada Dei….
Its my first victory if you read this and say…Pongada Dei…. đŸ™‚

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