holybook – I prove the existence of GOD(s)

Disclaimer: This post is purely an attempt to exceed mokkai standards and touch the ‘soora mokkai’ level and nothing else. Do not take offense to using your favourite God, or for not using your favourite God. Also, I’m not a heretic or an atheist. Afterall, I now prove that GOD exists( or should I say GODs exist). (Read my About page to understand Mokkai and Soora Mokkai)

It was one of those days when everything went wrong (not in my life mate…my life is great…I’m talking about the Chennai Super Kings!!!). Murali Vijay got out for a paltry score, Hayden was scoring only run a ball, poor scoring rate for a T20 game….I was praying fervently for a CSK miracle. It happenned. Yes a miracle. But not for CSK as much as it was a miracle for me. I stumbled on a website that only very few humans have got a chance to make it to. So considering the fact that general welfare of the human beings is my sole aim in life and since I don’t think about anything other than goodness for humans, I took a screenshot and I’m presenting it here. Yes GOD exists. But the bad news is, they are not going to be much useful to us since this is what they are doing…(Click on the image to view it enlarged)

HolyBook - Click on image to view it enlarged

Click here to see Facebook Mahabharata by the blogging genius Krish Ashok.

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5 Comments on “holybook – I prove the existence of GOD(s)”

  1. Janani PJ Says:

    lol… that’s really funny !

  2. vinitha Says:

    oh man!! that page is truly awesome….good fun 🙂

  3. ashokjan24 Says:

    Thanks Janani & Vinitha..

  4. Chithu Says:

    Now only reading ur blog for the first time, This post is cool.

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