Leadership Qualities – As told by Krishna

Krishna advising Arjuna

Krishna advising Arjuna

Arjuna: O favourite son of Mathura, stealer of Gopikas’ hearts, Say, Krishna, what qualities should one possess to rule the great nation of Bharatha (India) in 21st century?

Krishna: Listen with all ears, O’ Prince that holds the Kandeepa, there be three qualities that the ruler of Bharatha ought to possess, namely,

Na merudaNa – No Backbone : Take note Arjuna, best archer among the 3 worlds, possessor of this value will not discriminate anyone based on caste, creed, color, race, ethnicity, language, nationality whilst beseeching for votes and will bow down at anyone’s feet who possesses the enormous power of wealth and political support.

Na merudaNa – No Backbone

Na merudaNa – No Backbone

vaMzakramena praaptadravya – Heirloom : The great populace of Bharatha, pay attention O’ brother of Yudhishtira, are suckers for political heirlooms. Being born in a clan of political bigwigs is a sure and effortless way to become the ruler of Bharatha.

vaMzakramena praaptadravya – Heirloom

vaMzakramena praaptadravya – Heirloom

vasusaMpuurNa – Full of Riches – Arjuna, spouse of Draupati, son of Kunti, the paramount of all qualities is to be full of riches. The dhanika (rich man) can procure votes, political alliances, people support and bend the law to his will. This is the most important quality to become the sovereign of the great Bharatha varsha.

vasusaMpuurNa – Full of Riches

vasusaMpuurNa – Full of Riches (Thats a currency garland)

Arjuna: Krishna! as I behold, My members fail, my tongue dries in my mouth, A shudder thrills my body, and my hair Bristles with horror; from my weak hand slips Kaandeepa, the goodly bow; a fever burns My skin to parching; hardly may I stand; The life within me seems to swim and faint. (this is an excerpt from Gita as it is)

Pray tell me, the lord whose face shines like thousand suns, what necessary leadership qualities should we mortals possess to be a successful IT Project Manager?

Krishna: O great one among the Pandava brothers, who hit the rotating fish’s eye by just seeing a reflection in water, you ought to know better to refrain from asking juvenile questions. Refer the “Dummies guide for IT project management” for such trivial topics.

Dummies guide for IT Project Management

Dummies guide for IT Project Management

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6 Comments on “Leadership Qualities – As told by Krishna”

  1. Chithu Says:

    Kalakkal machi. Will be good if u write in both Eng and Tamil. Try 😀

  2. ashokjan24 Says:

    Will definitely try machi…and thanks for the comment

  3. M Says:

    Hilarious! Like the first pic 😉

  4. Pradeep Parthasarathy Says:

    LOL…Good Job Man!

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