Carrot and the Traffic Police

Great example of Carrot & Stick approach

Great example of Carrot & Stick approach

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The carrot and stick approach works very well in the IT industry. One of the main carrots for people working in the IT industry is a chance to go abroad (or Onsite in IT terminology). However, whenever I see traffic police in the signals, i’ve often wondered what could be their carrot?? All I’ve seen are the sticks (Chennai Sun, Chennai Car Smoke, Chennai Drivers, Chennai Humidity etc.)  for the traffic cops. So this mini-mokkai post is just an attempt on drawing parallels between an IT professional and a traffic cop in Chennai on their respective Carrots? Non-Chennaiites may find it difficult to grasp the crux of the matter. So please excuse…

Place: An IT Services Company located 45 Kms outside Chennai in a village called ITPudur

Conversation between an IT Developer and an IT Project Manager

IT Developer : Hey boss! How u doing?

IT Project Manager: Hey wats’up? Did you find any defects on the COM objects in downstream systems?


Place: Nanganallur subway traffic signal

Conversation between a Traffic Cop and a Traffic Sergeant

Traffic Cop: Good Morning Saar

Traffic Sergeant: Aaan!! Ennaya edhavadhu thericha? (Aaan!! Did something materialize?)

(The discussion is continued in parallel from here…)


IT Developer: Uhh!!! I’ll attend to it today. The reason I wanted to see you is…

IT Project Manager: Hold on! I just gave a couple of printouts in the printer in the 6th floor, obviously since the printer in our floor never works. Ha Ha!. Could you go grab it for me???


Traffic Cop: Onnyum illa saar! Ippo thaan peak hour starting…Inimey thaan pudikkanum…Saar oru china vishayam…(Nothing till now. Peak hour is just starting. Will catch someone soon. Sir one small matter…)

Traffic Sergeant: Yov iruyya..Poyi modhalla 1 tea,2 molaga bajji vaangittu vaa. Nair kadaila vaangu, namma theru Tea stall oru kuppai..Ha Ha! (Yov wait. Go get me tea and 2 chilli fritters first. Get it from Nair tea stall, the tea stall in out street is garbage.Ha Ha)


IT Developer: ????? Sure boss. You got it. (Smiles & runs)


Traffic Cop: ????? Idho saar (punnagai & oduthal) (Righaway Sir!! (Smiles & runs))


IT Project Manager: Thank you. So you were saying???

IT Developer: Onsite…..


Traffic Sergeant: Seri..enna matteru? (Ok. What’s the matter?)

Traffic Cop: Teynampet Signal…..


IT Project Manager: Sorry buddy. You know the situation right? We have 3 people who are senior to you in the team. They need to travel first. And above all, seems like no onsite opening is coming up.

IT Developer: You got to understand boss. Lotsa family commitments. Just bought a house in OMR. The mortgage is sky high and I need to pay my credit card bills, car petrol etc.


Traffic Sergeant: Yov ennayya avasaram? Innum evlo per waiting list theriyuma? Avan avan 5000, 10000 kuduthuttu wait panranga, ivarukku OCla Teynampet Signal duty venumam..(Yov whats the hurry?? People who have given Rs.5000, Rs.10000 are still in line and you want to go for duty in Teynampet Signal without paying anything…)

Traffic Cop: Illa Saar….veetla neraya selavu. Pasanga schoolukku poranga. Adutha varusham ponna collegela sekkanum….(Not like that sir…Lots of expenses in home. Kids are going to school and my daughter is going to college next year….)


IT Project Manager: I’ll do my best.

IT Developer: Thanks boss. Even if it’s UK or anyother European countries, I’m ready to travel. Infact I can consider Singapore and Japan as well.


Traffic Sergeant: Paakkalam..(Will See)

Traffic Cop: Romba nandringa ayya. Teynampettainnu illa. Gemini flyover signal, Stella Maris signal, illenna oru Gandhi Selai signal kooda ok saar.  (Thanks a lot Sir! I’m not very particular about Teynampet. Even if its Gemini flyover signal, Stella Maris signal or Gandhi Statue signal, I’m fine Sir.)


IT Project Manager: Will see…Now please go and continue your call with onsite.


Traffic Sergeant: Seri paakalamya….Adho anga oruthan helmet podama varran paaru..Avana niruthu…(Ok will see. Watchout. Stop that guy who is riding without a helmet…)


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5 Comments on “Carrot and the Traffic Police”

  1. Janani Gopal Says:

    How the hell did u get this idea of comparing these two scenarios ????
    And how did u ever know what goes on between traffic cops !!
    It was very funny though….

    • ashokjan24 Says:

      Most people who ride 2 wheelers would have paid the traffic cops in Teynampet signal. Thats like the most happenning place for a traffic cop. Apart from that rest are all just my imagination.

  2. vijayan Says:

    yove kalakki irukka..
    Good job..

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