Defaulters Kneel Down!!!

Did you bring scissors and color paper for arts & crafts class? No? Then you are a defaulter. Go kneel down outside the class room.

Didn’t you submit the assignment yet? Go stand at the back of the class room?

All defaulters of holiday homework stand up on the bench!!

All shoe & belt defaulters come up on the stage…

All shoe polish defaulters run around the ground…

All default defaulters are supposed to meet the principal today at 4 PM after school.

Haven’t we all heard these uttered in almost all schools in India (except ofcourse regional language medium schools)?

( SCIMA alumni remember the defaulters sheet, black mark, red mark, golden star, black star etc.???)

If there is one thing that I feared the most in school is being classified as a default defaulter. Default defaulter is like being pulled over for “random” security checking in Newark airport everytime you go there(BTW, how random could it be when one gets pulled over 3 out of 4 times).

On the outset, it may seem that all defaultments(this word is my invention and reproducing it for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited) are bad and punished in India. Hold on all past and present default defaulters, I’ve got good news. There is a certain category of defaultment that does go unnoticed and unpunished.

Defaulting on Tax

If there is a list of crimes that one could do without any inhibition of getting caught, the list topper is sure going to be “Defaulting on Tax”.

Ask Mr.Hassan Ali who is the biggest tax defaulter in India, owing the Govt. Rs.50,000 crores ($11 billion) and still not made to kneel down, run around the school ground, stand at the back  or even stand on a bench.

Also, out of 700 million working people in India, the tax paying population is only 31 million which comes to roughly 3 % of the total population.

With so many defaulters in tax, it’s a shame that only kids that don’t bring color paper, pen, pencil are punished.

BTW..producing fake rental agreements to get HRA benefits is tax evasion too.

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2 Comments on “Defaulters Kneel Down!!!”

  1. tealover Says:

    It’s a sad state!

    LOL on default defaulter 😀

  2. Chithu Says:

    Enna machi pesara?? They’re big fish, if u want to become one then u should also become a big defaulter. LOL. There r many Public Ltd companies which have not even filed their returns for years together. But the IT Goons will send notices and make to pay penalities and interest on Common man. It happens only in India. 😛

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