You can….but…

It’s amazing how social welfare groups say they fight for justice and welfare of the people and then oppose the aerated drinks only when they find the pesticide contents exceeding a certain limit. Their motto seems to be

“You can have pesticides in your drink….but only in little quantities!!”

This is akin to saying…..

You can watch a Vijay movie….but only till the interval!!

You can watch Doordarshan…but only Vayalum Vazhvum (Farm and Life)

It doesn’t matter if you watch a Vijay movie only until interval or you watch only Vayalum Vazhvum in DD, you’ll die a certain slow death. So will we if we keep drinking the pesticide afflicted soft drinks, irrespective of the intake quantity per bottle.

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One Comment on “You can….but…”

  1. Chithu Says:

    Machi all ok but i strongly condemn u for comparing Kujai movie and Vayalum Vaalvum, Its a very good program (atleast for farmers) but as we dono anything abt farming (ofcourse we’re great farmers in Farmville :P). Which TV Channel offers assistance to farmers?? Agro industry will be the next big growth man.

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