Kutti Chuvar Chronicles – Part 1

Kutti Chuvar a.k.a Small Wall is an important part of youth life in India (or for that matter in the World). Kutti Chuvar can either be

  • A fence wall around a house
  • An old dilapidated wall from some abandoned construction
  • The terrace wall of a house
  • College corridor
  • or any small wall that can accomodate 4 to 6 young adults.

Some of the most prominent Kutti Chuvars in Chennai are Besant Nagar beach kutti chuvar, Marina Beach kutti chuvar, any kutti chuvar nearby girls colleges. 

It’s quite usual to hear in a Tamil house hold, parents and elders saying, “Ozhunga padi illenna kutti chuvara poiduva.” (Study well. If not, you will become an useless small wall).

I pity those who consider the small wall as useless, for they do not know the real capability of a kutti chuvar. In order to develop a well rounded personality, it is imperative that a kid belongs to one kutti chuvar or the other. I have seen kutti chuvar drop outs and I’m sad to say they turned out to be nerds and ended up in IIT’s. Is this what you really want your kids to be? Sure he’ll get a good job, get a high value in marriage market, travel all over the world etc. But is this all worth compared to the following, which are a direct result of getting associated with a kutti chuvar?

  • chasing after high school sweethearts in bus stops and railway stations
  • breaking the window panes of every single house in the street, playing cricket
  • chased away by cops for standing too long near Stella Maris or MOP or Ethiraj (all girls colleges)
  • watching first day first show of all movies in town (including vijay movies)
  • heckling the professor in college

If you think its all fun and no other useful purpose (well..what else could be a useful purpose in life????), then think again, for never in human history has there been a better platform for knowledge management. Kutti chuvar is where knowledge is gathered, best practices are shared, skills are honed in forecasting with minimal data, innovative ideas originate, unsolvable becomes solvable, team strategies are formulated, math skills are honed and much more. It is also probably the only KM system with minimal or zero knowledge leakage.

Kutti Chuvar - Topics of discussion

Kutti Chuvar - Topics of discussion

 Following is a typical Career/Life path of a Kutti Chuvarite, depending on his association with Kutti Chuvar.



Kutti Chuvarite Classifications & Typical Life Path

Kutti Chuvarite Classifications & Typical Life Path


 Click on the charts to view them full screen.

 To be continued….

In the next issue of Kutti Chuvar Chronicles – Sneak Peek into Kutti Chuvar discussions & briefing of the value chain

Meanwhile folks, do write down your favourite kutti chuvar locations…and dont forget to rate the post by clicking the number of stars at the top of the page.

Disclaimer: Idhu edhuvume seyyadha nalla paiyyan naan. (I haven’t done any of these things and I’m the goodiest of goody guy on earth. And yeah…I lie occasionally)

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2 Comments on “Kutti Chuvar Chronicles – Part 1”

  1. Arun Says:

    Chanceless Ashok… There are so many KC’s in W.Mambalam where i ‘ve seated.. This is really educates.

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