Kutti Chuvar Chronicles – Part 2

Hello virtual kutti chuvarites (yes.. you are a kutti chuvarite too if you’re reading this post. Real time kutti chuvar discussions do linger in the same intellectual platform and this post is nothing more than an intellectual threshold.) As promised in my last post, this post will contain a sneak peek into the world of kutti chuvarites and the corresponding mapping of knowledge management concepts namely:

  • Knowledge gathering
  • Sharing of Best Practices
  • Forecasting with minimal or no data
  • Zero Knowledge leakage

Expanding them….this is what happens…

Knowledge Gathering:

Kutti Chuvarite 1 – Machi a new family has moved into that duplex house in 14th street.

Kutti Chuvarite 2 – Pray tell me how is that useful to us?

Kutti Chuvarite 1 – There is a girl in that house. I saw her machi…she is GORGEOUS…

Kutti Chuvarite 2 – Now you’re talking. Details please…

Kutti Chuvarite 1 – Thats all I know man, I dont have a clue about her name or which college she goes.

Kutti Chuvarite 3 – Behold folks, what if I tell you her name, where she studies, whats her pet’s name??? Can I expect a bhel puri in Settu kadai(Chaat shop owned by a Seth) in market?

Kutti Chuvarite 1, 2,4,5,6 – Spill it out…

Kutti Chuvarite 3 – She is Aishwarya Trivedi…studying BCA in Stella Maris..went to Bal Lok school. (If any of you readers feel a prickly feeling in your heart hearing this name, the offense is intentional :))

Sharing of Best Practices:

Kutti Chuvarite 4 – One of us definitely have to go talk to her.

Kutti Chuvarite 3 – Machi, let me give you an idea. I saw her Orkut profile and she has mentioned her ideal match is Hrithik Roshan.

Kutti Chuvarite 5 – What? Hrithik Roshana? How can I build my body like him? I’m out of the contest I guess.

Kutti Chuvarite 3 – Dei, at least wear some clothes like him and get a haircut like him in the movie “Kites”. One of her friends too has haircut like Hrithik. She will definitely talk to you if you get at least Hrithik like Hairstyle. (typical of a best practice isn’t it??? No one wants to use them personally, but wait until others use them and find out if it really works…)

Forecasting skills with minimal or no data:

Kutti Chuvarite 6 – Machi ava family name Trivedi. Appdinna ava North Indian figure’a? (Her family name is Trivedi. Then is she a north Indian figure?).  Enga veetla othukka maattangaleda….(My parents won’t accept North Indian girl da.) Yen future nasama poche..(My future is gone) (Forecasting what will happen in 10 years. This does need talent.)

Kutti Chuvarite 4 – I dont have that problem. My parents have no problem with the girl being North Indian, East Indian, West Indian or even American Indian.(Forecasting again, but with a postive outlook. Now who has the chance of atleast talking to that girl???)

Kutti Chuvarite 3 – Dei stop it idiots. Already started talking about marriage. First let’s clear all arrears and try to graduate.

Zero Knowledge Leakage

Kutti Chuvarite 5: Ellam ok thaan…but ava pet peru ennannu sollave illaye!!! (Everything’s ok, but you havent told her pet’s name yet)

Kutti Chuvarite 3: T-Rex Trivedi. Yes it has a last name.

Kutti Chuvarites 1,2,4,5,6 : That’s a dog or a dinosaur?

To be continued…

In the next issue of Kutti Chuvar Chronicles – examples of important life skills acquired through kutti chuvar sittings.

(Disclaimer – Aiswarya Trivedi and T-Rex Trivedi are pure imaginary characters and do not refer to any person or dinosaur or dog living or dead)

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