Kutti Chuvar Chronicles – Part 3

Here we are at the last post in the Kutti Chuvar Chronicles series. I have been told this post is the most awaited trilogy since LOTR. Thanks all for the kind support. Now, no good concept gets completed without a definition of a value chain.

In order for any entity to sustain itself amid growing competition, it is imperative to have a succintly defined value chain. Since we know Kutti Chuvar is indeed a market leader in fun & mokkai industry, I have tried to draw a value chain for the same.

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Kutti Chuvar - Value Chain

Kutti Chuvar - Value Chain

Primary Activities

Inbound Logistics:

  • Getting a kutti chuvar at a strategic location. (Strategic location is defined as being close to temples, grounds, girls colleges, tea shops).
  • Human capital with skill sets varying from extraordinary backbiting skills, movie expertise, Cricket expertise, studies expertise,  knowledge gathering expertise, knowledge retention expertise and financial support.

Operations: Learning of life skills

Strategy Management

  • E.g. Identify & effectively implement strategies toward not getting caught copying/bit adichhing during the exams in school.
  • Formulate field placings for that kaattan (hitter) from Friends XI for the weekend Cricket game in maanthoppu (mango farm).


  • E.g. Write the answers for important questions at the back of the exam Hall Ticket, which no invigilator checks.


  • E.g. Identify who is strong in which area of study and study only those lessons and then make a collaborative effort during the exams to pass with distinction.

Problem Solving

  • E.g. Identify what is the main obstacle (usually retired thathas with no interest in Cricket) in conducting cricket tournaments in apartment terrace and isolate and eliminate the obstacle by playing in the street right in front of retired thathas’ living room window so that the thathas becomes afraid of having the window broken and give permission to play in the terrace .

Outbound logistics:

  • Confident kutti chuvarite, ready to take on the world.
  • Strengthening the Kutti Chuvar reputation.


  • Blogs such as this, that make people crave to be a part of a kutti chuvar gang 🙂


  • Anytime in the future, anyone needs an info on a girl from high school, just a call to a kutti chuvarite is enough.
  • Anytime anyone wants to get back in touch with playing cricket, just a couple of calls to kutti chuvarites is enough
  • Professional services. E.g. I call my doctor friend(ex-kutti chuvarite) when I have flu or sore throat and he calls me whenever his computer doesn’t start.

Profit Margin:

  • Stories for a lifetime.
  • Memories for eternity
  • Friends for life.


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