Why does Brazil need Rajesh Khanna?

Isn’t it about time that the Govt. legalize the limits on stupidity? I mean, we all enjoy a little stupidity here and there but to have a whole bunch of people getting specialized in it and trying to break the glass ceiling of stupidity, its just plain stupid.

After doing some research, it’s been found that nutjobs can be categorized into 4 broad areas.

Religious nutjobs

Pseudo-Driver nutjobs

General nutjobs

Online nutjobs

Out of these 4 nutjob categories, except for the Online nutjobs, the rest all seem to have stagnated at some level.

Religious nutjobs stagnated at blowing themselves up. Don’t seem to find any improvement in their standards after that.

Pseudo-Driver nutjobs stagnated at driving on red signals & on wrong side of the road. That’s pretty much for them. Nothing dramatic to talk about after that.

General nutjobs stagnated at being general nutjobs. They did not even evolve into a separate category here like the other three categories. So their evolution is very primate. Nothing interesting to talk about them either.

Online nutjobs – Now this is where some real progress is going on. Online nutjobs always almost exceed expectations in displaying their stupidity.

Evolution of Online NutJobs

Evolution of Online NutJobs

Growth of Online NutJobs

Growth of Online NutJobs

Internet fora are all bustling with these nutjobs. Spending 30 minutes a day at any internet forum will be a life altering experience for any person. Seeing all the different ways of their thinking and the stupidity thresholds being crossed, it is an experience in itself.

And about the need for Brazil to have Rajesh Khanna….I have no idea. See below and let me know if anyone got any ideas.

Brazil & Rajesh Khanna

Brazil & Rajesh Khanna

Another sample of stupidity in a Cricket forum…

In a Cricket Forum

In a Cricket Forum

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2 Comments on “Why does Brazil need Rajesh Khanna?”

  1. Meena Says:

    nee mattum mokkai level increase panni soora mokkai reach pannalam but those nutjbs cant reach higher level of stupidity?????????????

  2. Kaushik Says:

    Epidi da idhu ellam thedara???

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