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Crouching Tiger and Hidden Meaning

October 5, 2010
Master and Me

Master and Me

Once upon a time, there lived a wise Zen master in the Japanese town of Suzuki. He was revered for his knowledge on everything between the sky and the soil. His fame grew far….even to a land near the equator called Chennai. Cheeni Wasan, intrigued by ironies of life, was searching for answers when he heard about the Zen master and set off to meet the master in person and get all his questions answered.

After experiencing much travel hardships like Karthi in the film Aayirathil Oruvan, Cheeni from Chennai reached the town of Suzuki.

What follows are the exchanges between the master and the student on ironies of life that are presented as they are for the enlightenment of all humans.

Cheeni: Master I have come in search of the truth..

Master: First please have some tea.

The master started pouring the tea until the cup filled. But then he did not stop. He continued to pour it and the tea was overflowing from the cup.

Cheeni: Master please cut the crap. I have read this teaching in So please cut to the chase.

Master: Oh..didnt know my site is that popular. Ok you clever grasshopper, shoot away your questions

Cheeni: That’s more like it. The reason for my mental unrest is because I have been seeing a lot of banners, TV Ads, Tweets, FB status updates regarding Saving our Tigers. Seems like we have only 1411 tigers left in India.

Q1. Why is there so much enthusiasm in saving tigers now?

Response: To spread awareness and collect donation

Q2. But spreading awareness and giving donation to save tigers are good things aren’t they?

Response: Tigers don’t need money. What are they going to do with all the money? Feed those 1411 tigers? Or Build a zoo and accommodate all of them? Or make them breed more?

Don’t even get me started on spreading awareness.

Q3. But Master, I don’t see any wrong in spreading awareness.

Response: What awareness will you spread?

Q4. That, the tigers are becoming extinct and we should save them.

Response: But how will you save them?

Q5. Err…

Response: By feeding Chicken and Fish, since you guys dont eat red meat, to a tiger that strays into Mount Road? Or by calling the tiger helpline when you see a tiger in Besant Nagar Beach?

Q6. Or even by rescuing tigers that stray into Sathyam theater when a Vijay movie is being played. Good one isn’t it?

Response: Only I get to do the wise-cracks. But yes, that too.

Q7. So what you’re saying basically is these tiger awareness messages are useless for people that live in the cities and towns?

Response: Precisely.

Q8. But there has to be a way to save tigers.

Response: Before I answer that, let me ask you this. Why are tigers becoming extinct?

Q9. Because of human greed and destruction of wildlife?

Response: Very true. That’s one of the key reasons. But why do tigers go extinct instead of adapting to new conditions and environments?

Q10. That’s a stupid question. They can’t adapt. They are wild animals.

Response: That’s why they have been naturally selected for extinction. Because when human population grows, the environment is drastically altered and Humans and Tigers cannot co-exist.

Q11. That’s enlightening. But we will loose a majestic animal species.

Response: They are not the first and will not be the last.

Q12. Master, now I understand why you are revered. You should come to Chennai for a few days. Lot of people will get enlightened.

Response: Will do. But for now, you may take leave. Since you have become enlightened, you may from now be called Cheeni 2.0.

With my bows and my offerings of Enthiran – The Robot in Japanese evening show tickets for 1 in a theater in Osaka, I took my leave.


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