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License to Cheat Death!! – Mother of All Leaked Emails

November 13, 2010

Foreword: In Hindu mythology, Yama Dharmaraja is the God of Death, justly punishing the bad and rewarding the good. He lives in Yama Logam or the Abode of Yama. He is assisted in his duties by Chitra Gupta who maintains the ledger of good and bad for all things living. Chitra Gupta is further assited by Vichitra Gupta. The actual task of taking lives is carried out by a certain class of angels called Kingaras. Dhooma Ketu and Bheema Ketu are the two well known angels of death.

Kailasam: Abode of Lord Shiva; Vaikuntam: Abode of Lord Vishnu; Brahma Logam: Abode of Brahma

Below is a depiction of Yama Logam

Yama Durbar

Yama Durbar


Location: Chennai                                                                                                                                                                      Date: Present Day


AutoRickshaw Driver: Where to?

Srini: T.Nagar.

5 minutes pass…

Srini: Driver…thats a red need to stop.

Auto: Don’t worry…today is Sunday…

Srini: ???????

The above is an actual conversation that took place last week.

I was very much confused by the conversation that i started thinking about why it didn’t matter when it’s a sunday. Could it be possible that the Autorickshaw driver knew something that I didn’t? And I’m seeing a lot of other road violations too. Could they all know something that I don’t know?

Well yeah!!!! Looking at the email that I received, seems like the Auto Driver is justified.

Click to enlarge:

Note:Read from the bottom.

License to cheat death

License to cheat death


Handbook for Surviving Geography, Maths, History, Physics, Chemistry, English, Tamil, Biology, Accountancy, Economics and all that we dont like in School

November 2, 2010

Honestly…I wouldn’t have survived school (and most kids in the world too) if weren’t those games invented. Girls definitely top the list of life savers from the marana mokkai lectures in alluvial soil or medulla oblongata. However, these games occasionally take over the menfolk by storm so much so that no one takes a day off even when there is an India vs. Australia Cricket match. literally life saving during the boring lectures of , these games had seasons of their own. Usually a season for a game lasts for about 3 weeks.

The decision to end the season for a particular game and start a new game season is decided by one kid, usually the one that tops everyother stuff excepting academics.

Following is the ranking of the games based on their popularity and their life..

3. Hot Cross Buns

Objective: To put an ‘X’ mark with white chalk in the chair of the kid who stands up to answer a question by the teacher so that when he sits, his butt looks like “hot cross buns”.

Requirements: Stealth and Swiftness

2. Pen Game

Objective: To knockout the opposition’s pens from the table using one’s own pen

Requirements: Heavyweight pen, Accuracy

At one point in time during the late 90’s and early 2000’s  Stic pens were really popular. But they never stood a chance in the war table against the good old fountain pens. My guess is the pen game single handedly brought down the market for Stic pens.

1. Book Cricket

Objective: Score more runs than the opposition using a book with the last digit of the right side page of a book being the score. A page number with the last digit ‘0’ meant the  batsman is out.

Requirements: A heavy book and lots of luck.

Book cricket was the mother of all in-class games. During the peak season, there will be more than 20 teams vying to win the championship while the teacher is busy explaining the big bang theory, integral calculus or the chemical composition of …well whatever. Usually the last few pages of the rough notebook is where all the scores will be recorded. And surprisingly, player with the name Sachin Tendulkar usually tops in book cricket too.

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