License to Cheat Death!! – Mother of All Leaked Emails

Foreword: In Hindu mythology, Yama Dharmaraja is the God of Death, justly punishing the bad and rewarding the good. He lives in Yama Logam or the Abode of Yama. He is assisted in his duties by Chitra Gupta who maintains the ledger of good and bad for all things living. Chitra Gupta is further assited by Vichitra Gupta. The actual task of taking lives is carried out by a certain class of angels called Kingaras. Dhooma Ketu and Bheema Ketu are the two well known angels of death.

Kailasam: Abode of Lord Shiva; Vaikuntam: Abode of Lord Vishnu; Brahma Logam: Abode of Brahma

Below is a depiction of Yama Logam

Yama Durbar

Yama Durbar


Location: Chennai                                                                                                                                                                      Date: Present Day


AutoRickshaw Driver: Where to?

Srini: T.Nagar.

5 minutes pass…

Srini: Driver…thats a red need to stop.

Auto: Don’t worry…today is Sunday…

Srini: ???????

The above is an actual conversation that took place last week.

I was very much confused by the conversation that i started thinking about why it didn’t matter when it’s a sunday. Could it be possible that the Autorickshaw driver knew something that I didn’t? And I’m seeing a lot of other road violations too. Could they all know something that I don’t know?

Well yeah!!!! Looking at the email that I received, seems like the Auto Driver is justified.

Click to enlarge:

Note:Read from the bottom.

License to cheat death

License to cheat death

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One Comment on “License to Cheat Death!! – Mother of All Leaked Emails”

  1. tealover Says:

    LOL on a Sunday-no-rules! But it is so true!!!

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