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Oru Kuzhandai Career Select Seigiradhu!!!!!(A baby selects a career)

December 6, 2010

Circa – 1989

Relative: Achokee (ashok)…what are you planning to become when you grow up??

Me: hmmm……

5 minutes passed

Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

5 yrs passed

Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Its quite common amongst Indian parents to decide the career path of their kid even when the kid is a foetus. I’m lucky that my parents never forced me into anything.  However, that did’nt prevent my relatives and friends from asking me at every possible instance of what I’m planning to become. That wouldn’t have bothered me if I weren’t 5 yrs old that time. I’d heard words such as doctor, engineer, pilot etc. But never once was I confused about the list of professions that I indeed should consider for being confused.

You see…following were the career options available to a 5 yr old me. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Career Path of a 5 Yr Old

Career Path of a 5 Yr Old

Superman: Man of Steel – There is no other character in history that could do justice to the word “SuperHero’ as much as Superman does. His ability to fly and his strength were enough for me to be totally wanting to become a Superman. And I loved the cape. I felt a superhero wouldn’t be complete without a cape. However, i realized I had to wear my underwear on top of my pants when I go out for work which was the big deal breaker.

Batman: A self made superhero.I could own the coolest car(Bat Mobile) if I became a batman. But the disadvantage is that he can’t really be called a superhero since whatever he does is based on science. Without the extra fittings, I’m just an ordinary man and its not easy to change into BatMan attire like Superman. Theres the deal breaker for batman.

Capt.Marvel Jr. – Now thats a cool way to become a superhero. You say Shazaam and you become a mini version of Superman. The advantage is the whole family of Capt. Marvel are superheroes so I imagined flying with my whole family and escape the Chennai traffic. But then Capt. Marvel isn’t as strong as Superman. (I remember saying Shazaam for a whole night but could never take off from the bed.)

StreetHawk: While Batman had the coolest car, there is no second thoughts about the coolest bike ever. It’s got to be Street Hawk. The bike goes 300 mph, can fly and shoot bullets. Thats enough for a 10 yr old to select it as a career option. I made my father to call me Rex Smith for a while so that I grow up to be the one riding the street hawk. That was supposed to be my first bike and that was one reason I wanted to go to US.

Rajinikanth: What can I say!!! Lotsa heroes in Tamil Cinema. But no one made an impact like Rajini. There is nothing that Rajini couldn’t do. And he was stylish. His cigarette trick and the coolers trick are something that are going to stay for eternity. Every kid wanted to be Rajini. Who wouldn’t want to be a kickass hero who can fight, is funny and strong.

Spiderman: Though not so strong as Superman, the thrill of jumping from building to building was exciting enough to select this as a career option. Covering the face fully added a little mystery to it.

Though I gave a lot of thought I was never able to decide one among these career options.

Cut to 1999 – 11th std admission

Dad: Hello principal he’d like to take Commerce and Economics for his 11th grade.

Principal: Oh..we haven’t got anyone else choose Commerce and Economics combination. So we can’t have just one person take Economics. But he can study Commerce with Computer Science.

Dad to me: How does that sound? Do you want to try another school?

Me: No thats fine. I’ll take Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry.

Dad: But you wanted Commerce!!!!

Me: ennnh….doesn’t matter what i take…for I’m going to become a Cricket player…


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