Sollatta? Vendama? (Can I tell? or not?) A Sweat Short Story!!

Base on a True Story…well may be 95%

It was a struggle. Struggle within one-self. Events leading up to this struggle that Ashok faces right now may seem to be pretty simple for anyone. But not everyone can understand the inner conflict that’s been eating him from within.

Scene 1 – Office Cafeteria

Ashok: “What do you say??”

Ramesh: “You don’t seem to be the same happy-go-lucky Ashok that I know ever since “X” joined your team.. When exactly did  it start?”

Ashok: “Right when “X” walked in to sit near my cubicle. It was “X”’s first day at work. I knew then and there it has to be “X””.

Ramesh: “How do you feel about it?”

Ashok: “I can’t eat. I can’t work. It’s killing me. I need to let “X” know about how I feel. But we’ve been in good terms in the past couple of days and I don’t want to spoil it.”

Ramesh: “I say go for it! Not everyone gets an opportunity like this and not everyone would have the courage to go and tell it. Damn I can’t even think of going and telling this to someone without my legs giving away.”

Ashok: “But we work in the same office and in the same floor and sit next to each other. What am I supposed to do in case it doesn’t go well?? We still need to see each others’ faces and that would be awkward.”

Ramesh: “Dude you got to think positive! Nowadays people are mature enough to understand others’ feelings. You got to let it out. “

Ok. Let me put it this way! Would you be able to bear it for the rest of your life if you miss this opportunity to let “X” know your feelings??”

Ashok: “I don’t think I will be able to forgive myself.”

Ramesh: “So go then..”

Ashok: “Alright. We’ll party tonight if “X” accepts…”

Ramesh: “You go get “X”…”

Scene – 2 : Ashok’s Work Area

Ashok: “Hey “X”

X: “Hi..”

Ashok: “How you doing?”

X: “Fine. How about you?”

Ashok: “Fine..Fine…so….”

X: “So…”

Ashok: “umm…”

X: “What is it?”

Ashok: “Can we go to the cafeteria? I need to talk something personal with you..”

X: “hmm. Ok.”

Scene 3 – Office Cafeteria

X: “Now tell me..”

Ashok: “I don’t know how to start…”

X: “oh come on…just feel free”


(Click and select to see Ashok’s response)

“ok. DUDE you just need to use a deodorant. I can’t stand your body odor sitting next to you. It’s killing me. I can’t work..I can’t breathe….You just got to do something about it..”

Now read again from the beginning.

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5 Comments on “Sollatta? Vendama? (Can I tell? or not?) A Sweat Short Story!!”

  1. M Says:

    lol and how did X respond??
    or is the cafeteria scene the 5% fiction?

  2. ashokjan24 Says:

    you got it right..thats the 5% fiction 🙂

  3. vk20 Says:

    he he yaaru pa adhu 🙂
    btw nice story 🙂 but guessed it should end something like this, at the point where u have mentioned abt selecting the text 😀

    but cool one 🙂

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