Paalayathamman and the Pompom girls

Tamils and Tamil Nadu have contributed to the culture of the world more than one can imagine.

For example, a few English words that have their origin in Tamil are

Mulligatawny Soup – Melagu Thanni Rasam

Catamaran – Kattumaram

Rice – Arisi

Cash – Kaasu

Mango – Maanga

But quite possibly the best influence on the world from Tamil Nadu has to be cheerleading.

The so called “moral police” in India have so much of moral leaking from their head and blinding their eyes that they oppose cheerleading, forgetting the fact that their ancestors were the ones that invented cheerleading and interestingly, pompoms.

For over 2000 years the Tamils have been worshipping 1008 ammans in all sorts of villages and towns. And if you look closely, amman worship is always accompanied by village ladies in yellow sarees dancing with neem leaves pompoms. Take a look all you moral police.

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2 Comments on “Paalayathamman and the Pompom girls”

  1. Kaushik Says:

    The undisputed king of Mokkai, our G Srinivasan aka Ashok !!!

  2. M Says:

    neem pompoms..haha!

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