Kutti Chuvar Chronicles – Part 4 – Honoring an Ancient Kutti Chuvarite Tradition

This post is a homage and a dedication to all those kutti chuvarites who fight tooth and nail to uphold an ancient Kutti Chuvar tradition

Most people know Indians invented the zero. Have you ever asked WHY?

Did you know that a Kutti Chuvarite was instrumental in helping invent zero??

Circa 5th Century BC

Location: Kutti Chuvar – Somewhere in India

3 Kutti Chuvarites discussing about the mathematics test scheduled for the next day.

KC 1 – Did anyone study for the maths test scheduled tomorrow by Pingala Sir?

KC 2 – Not yet…but I’m gonna study right after this game of Soma Pong.

KC 1 – Dude that’s the spirit…

KC 3 – Guys, this is bad. Pingala sir sets really tough questions for the tests. I’m going to go and study.

KC 1 – You go now and you’ll be kicked out of the Kutti Chuvar

KC 3 – That’s fine. I’m going to concentrate on my studies and become a great inventor and have my name etched for eternity.

KC 1 – Well I’m gonna write so much in the answer palm leaf tomorrow that I’m going to be honored for eternity by the whole world.

Present: 2011 AD

Location: Some Kutti Chuvar in Southern Parts of Chennai City

KC 1: Fellas do you know why we invented Zero?

KC 2:  Sure. here is how the story goes..during the ancient times, in the University of Pataliputra, a certain mathematics teacher was correcting the answer palm leaves of the Quarterly examination conducted for class 10 students. One great Kutti Chuvarite,  in that class had written so much garbage in his answer palm leaf that the mathematics teacher had to invent a new number “0” to grade him.

Ancient Kutti Chuvarite Helping the Invention of Zero

Ancient Kutti Chuvarite Helping the Invention of Zero

That’s the first person in history to score zero in exams. That is why we Indians still honor him by scoring a zero in atleast one test in a lifetime.

Indians, as we know are very proud of their heritage. They wouldn’t miss an opportunity to showcase their rich cultural history & honour their First Zero Getter whenever they get a chance.

For e.g.

The Indian cricketers find it against their culture to hit a ball, which is in the shape of a zero, which is why they get out so early without scoring runs.

Also, Indian Cricketers score zero runs in matches to honour our ancient inventors and proclaim our achievement to the world.

Sehwag Honouring India's Ancient Kutti Chuvarite!!

Sehwag Honouring India's Ancient Kutti Chuvarite!!

Infact, India’s Parliament is a structural homage to the first zero getting Kutti Chuvarite!!

Indian Parliament - A Structural Homage to FZGKC

Indian Parliament - A Structural Homage to FZGKC

So whats the moral of the story, you may ask.

It is that, don’t scold your kids for scoring zero for they are honoring their ancestors and upholding an ancient tradition!!!

Credit – The original modern day Kutti Chuvarite who came up with the reasoning behind the invention of Zero is him. I’m surprised for his devotion & homage to Zero scorers since I remember he always scored 5 marks in any form of exam..nothing more, nothing less.

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4 Comments on “Kutti Chuvar Chronicles – Part 4 – Honoring an Ancient Kutti Chuvarite Tradition”

  1. Janani PJ Says:

    Nice one.. especially how u found out an excuse for scoring zeroes during school and college… u found this theory during school days or u are thinking of this only now !!!!

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