A humorous & equally (may be more) sarcastic take on everyday happenings that make you say “Pongada Dei”(in Tamil or Get outta here in English) in frustration.
Disclaimer: All the posts in this blog fall under “Mokkai” category. Read below to get initiated into “Mokkai”.

Mokkai for the uninitiated

Long long ago, so long ago, when pure Tamizh started becoming Chennai Tamizh, a new meaning was assigned to the old word “mokkai” which is a literal translation for bluntness. This bluntness was used to describe the sharpness of knives, swords etc. However in the later part of 19th century, “mokkai” became liberally employed as a word to describe anything dull or boring. E.g. Mokkai podathey (Don’t bore me). In some circles, “Mokkai” is used to describe “burn” as well.  E.g. Machi that’s a good mokkai (Brother-in-law that’s a good burn)

After careful research, it is found that  mokkai is of 3 types.

Mokkai – Plain old bluntness : One usually loves a good mokkai. E.g. Senthil putting mokkai with Goundamani.

Soora Mokkai – Extreme bluntness: People tend to get uncomfortable at Soora Mokkai’s. E.g. Badrinath scoring at 4 runs per over during the end of Chennai Super Kings batting or even this post.

Marana Mokkai – Death bluntness: Any political meeting will fall under this category. Its extremely funny and uncomfortable at the same time. We would know something had to be done to stop this but usually we can do nothing about it.

The reality is however, Chennaiites have come to love an occasional mokkai here and there, in an otherwise a fast paced lives of theirs. It’s also considered an art to put right mokkai at the right time. So buckle down and enjoy the mokkai’s.

Btw, Thanks Karthik for the banner, which highlights Chennai’s 3 important landmarks – Napier Bridge, Auto’s and Rajinikanth.


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