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When Google Maps doesn’t help, you know you’re in Chennai!

July 19, 2013

It takes special kind of skills to survive in the wilderness as shown in the “Survivor” series. However, if you think “that” is surviving, then wait. Let me pull up my recliner and get a popcorn, to see you scrambling for words when you see what the people of Chennai do on a daily basis.

It may be tough to survive in the wild. But Chennai city will kick the wilderness’s ass when it comes to probing the survival skills of its inhabitants. Let’s say you want to go to Murray’s Gate road in Chennai. You have checked it out in Google maps and have got print outs and you drive there. But when you get there, you see this. You know you have a challenge!

When Murray's Gate becomes Muresh Gate!

When Murray’s Gate becomes Muresh Gate!

The beauty of this city is that it makes you question the accuracy of Google Maps, more than questioning yourself! If you think this is  a one off instance, please feel free to check out the rest of the pics below.

If only the French govt. see this! Chevalier becomes Sevalia! An example of international survival probibing.

If only the French govt. saw this! Chevalier becomes Sevalia. An example of international survival probing.

When Pilots are Polite!

When Pilots are Polite!

Good the Deputy "Mayor" is no more to see he is Deputy "Mayar" now.

Good the Deputy “Mayor” is no more to see he is Deputy “Mayar” now.

When education becomes a business, Brodie's Castle becomes Bradis Kesil

When education becomes business, Brodie’s Castle becomes Bradis Kesil

I know its funny..Canal St becoming Ganall St, but did you notice the comma between Ganall and Street? Why god why??

I know its funny..Canal St becoming Ganall St, but did you notice the comma between Ganall and Street? Why god why??

When Judge becomes Just, you know thats the final nail in the English coffin.

When Judge becomes Just, you know that’s the final nail in the English coffin.

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Disclaimer: I gathered all these pics without moving my butt from my chair thanks to the internet. But if you have copyrights issue with these pics, please do let me know.


Contextual Learning Series – Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

July 4, 2013

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

In quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle is any of a variety of mathematical inequalities asserting a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle known as complementary variables, such as position x and momentum p, can be known simultaneously.

Now if you have a tough time understanding the cumulative knowledge of the condensed meaning in this succinct verbiage deemed to be essential to the wisdom of  the secrets of the cosmos, then this post is for you. After years of putting mokkai in the virtual world and doing my bit to pollute the web, I now turn to do my bit towards cleaning the web by educating the masses with scientific theories in easy to understand contextual representations.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle - Simplified

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle – There are limits in measuring accuracy and info. availability in any govt. task beyond which both units cannot be measured simultaneously.
Click pic see it enlarged

Disclaimer: Do not replicate this in examinations!

Life of Paiyyans!! A guidebook for “paiyyans” trying to “correct” their girl friends’ parents

March 25, 2013


1.Paiyyan = Boy

2.Correct = Convince

Considering the global context, men across the world take pains to impress a girl and convince her to marry them, But in India, which as always is a different playing field altogether, boys & men need to impress not just the girl but also her mother’s aunt’s father-in-law’s younger brother’s neighbour’s kid, who is 2 yrs old, and all the relatives in between.

It’s quite common for any Kutti Chuvarite to have experienced friends pouring out about their love failur due to parents not giving consent.

  • “Machi her parents are against my caste da. 😥 “
  • “Machi I’m not a Phd from Stanford da. 😥 “
  • “Machi I dont own an apartment inside the city da 😥 “
  • Machi they are expecting me to earn Rs.2500000 per year da 😥 “

While we may have come across these reasons for a girl’s parents to not give consent for a love marriage, I’ve never heard anyone saying,

  • “Machi her parents say my character is not good 😥 “

Being the curious and analytical person that I’am, I got to work on subjectively defining the qualities that would make the parents of a girl say ok to love marriage.

So here goes:

Key Variables for Parental Consent to Love Marriage

  1. Wealth – 100% Acceptance rate
  2. Caste – 66% Acceptance rate
  3. Education – 66% Acceptance rate
  4. Character – 33% Acceptance rate

Acceptable Combinations:

  1. Caste+Wealth = Consent
  2. Caste+Education = Consent
  3. Caste+Character = No consent
  4. Education+Wealth = Consent
  5. Education+Character = No consent
  6. Wealth+Character = Consent

So minimum 2 key things that youngsters should have on their side are amongst Wealth, Caste and Education. Since we have no control over caste, focus should be on Wealth & Education.

Since character is not important, acquiring wealth is not a problem 😛

Since having wealth helps in a life free of financial commitments, one is free to pursue education anywhere in the world.

Now that education can also be easily acquired, parental consent for love marriage shouldn’t be so difficult.

Incase you agree with this thesis, please print bit notice and distribute in schools and colleges in your locality to enlighten the youngsters and help them achieve their goals.

Advice for parents too. Instead of saying

“Nalla padi da, illena velai kedaikkathu!”

“Study well or else you wont get a job!”

say this –

“Nalla padi da, illena ponnu kedaikkathu!”

“Study well or else you wont get married!”

Your kid will sure prove to be the next Einstein!.

You can….but…

May 19, 2010

It’s amazing how social welfare groups say they fight for justice and welfare of the people and then oppose the aerated drinks only when they find the pesticide contents exceeding a certain limit. Their motto seems to be

“You can have pesticides in your drink….but only in little quantities!!”

This is akin to saying…..

You can watch a Vijay movie….but only till the interval!!

You can watch Doordarshan…but only Vayalum Vazhvum (Farm and Life)

It doesn’t matter if you watch a Vijay movie only until interval or you watch only Vayalum Vazhvum in DD, you’ll die a certain slow death. So will we if we keep drinking the pesticide afflicted soft drinks, irrespective of the intake quantity per bottle.

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