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When Google Maps doesn’t help, you know you’re in Chennai!

July 19, 2013

It takes special kind of skills to survive in the wilderness as shown in the “Survivor” series. However, if you think “that” is surviving, then wait. Let me pull up my recliner and get a popcorn, to see you scrambling for words when you see what the people of Chennai do on a daily basis.

It may be tough to survive in the wild. But Chennai city will kick the wilderness’s ass when it comes to probing the survival skills of its inhabitants. Let’s say you want to go to Murray’s Gate road in Chennai. You have checked it out in Google maps and have got print outs and you drive there. But when you get there, you see this. You know you have a challenge!

When Murray's Gate becomes Muresh Gate!

When Murray’s Gate becomes Muresh Gate!

The beauty of this city is that it makes you question the accuracy of Google Maps, more than questioning yourself! If you think this is  a one off instance, please feel free to check out the rest of the pics below.

If only the French govt. see this! Chevalier becomes Sevalia! An example of international survival probibing.

If only the French govt. saw this! Chevalier becomes Sevalia. An example of international survival probing.

When Pilots are Polite!

When Pilots are Polite!

Good the Deputy "Mayor" is no more to see he is Deputy "Mayar" now.

Good the Deputy “Mayor” is no more to see he is Deputy “Mayar” now.

When education becomes a business, Brodie's Castle becomes Bradis Kesil

When education becomes business, Brodie’s Castle becomes Bradis Kesil

I know its funny..Canal St becoming Ganall St, but did you notice the comma between Ganall and Street? Why god why??

I know its funny..Canal St becoming Ganall St, but did you notice the comma between Ganall and Street? Why god why??

When Judge becomes Just, you know thats the final nail in the English coffin.

When Judge becomes Just, you know that’s the final nail in the English coffin.

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Disclaimer: I gathered all these pics without moving my butt from my chair thanks to the internet. But if you have copyrights issue with these pics, please do let me know.


Paalayathamman and the Pompom girls

May 18, 2011

Tamils and Tamil Nadu have contributed to the culture of the world more than one can imagine.

For example, a few English words that have their origin in Tamil are

Mulligatawny Soup – Melagu Thanni Rasam

Catamaran – Kattumaram

Rice – Arisi

Cash – Kaasu

Mango – Maanga

But quite possibly the best influence on the world from Tamil Nadu has to be cheerleading.

The so called “moral police” in India have so much of moral leaking from their head and blinding their eyes that they oppose cheerleading, forgetting the fact that their ancestors were the ones that invented cheerleading and interestingly, pompoms.

For over 2000 years the Tamils have been worshipping 1008 ammans in all sorts of villages and towns. And if you look closely, amman worship is always accompanied by village ladies in yellow sarees dancing with neem leaves pompoms. Take a look all you moral police.

Defaulters Kneel Down!!!

May 12, 2010

Did you bring scissors and color paper for arts & crafts class? No? Then you are a defaulter. Go kneel down outside the class room.

Didn’t you submit the assignment yet? Go stand at the back of the class room?

All defaulters of holiday homework stand up on the bench!!

All shoe & belt defaulters come up on the stage…

All shoe polish defaulters run around the ground…

All default defaulters are supposed to meet the principal today at 4 PM after school.

Haven’t we all heard these uttered in almost all schools in India (except ofcourse regional language medium schools)?

( SCIMA alumni remember the defaulters sheet, black mark, red mark, golden star, black star etc.???)

If there is one thing that I feared the most in school is being classified as a default defaulter. Default defaulter is like being pulled over for “random” security checking in Newark airport everytime you go there(BTW, how random could it be when one gets pulled over 3 out of 4 times).

On the outset, it may seem that all defaultments(this word is my invention and reproducing it for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited) are bad and punished in India. Hold on all past and present default defaulters, I’ve got good news. There is a certain category of defaultment that does go unnoticed and unpunished.

Defaulting on Tax

If there is a list of crimes that one could do without any inhibition of getting caught, the list topper is sure going to be “Defaulting on Tax”.

Ask Mr.Hassan Ali who is the biggest tax defaulter in India, owing the Govt. Rs.50,000 crores ($11 billion) and still not made to kneel down, run around the school ground, stand at the back  or even stand on a bench.

Also, out of 700 million working people in India, the tax paying population is only 31 million which comes to roughly 3 % of the total population.

With so many defaulters in tax, it’s a shame that only kids that don’t bring color paper, pen, pencil are punished.

BTW..producing fake rental agreements to get HRA benefits is tax evasion too.

Its Party Time!!!

April 25, 2010

Its party time folks.
I’ve booked the party hall at Taj Coromandel for the great bash next Saturday. I expect everyone to be there and no excuses will be accepted. Also, I’m gonna be sponsoring your tickets be it whichever country/state you’re coming from.
Highlights of the party!!!

  • DJ being flown in from NYC
  • Dance programme by actress Tamanna 🙂
  • 32 varieties of unlimited food
  • and AN OPEN BAR

I’m sure you’d be eager to know whats behind all these lavish spendings…

Catch your breath folks…

I just got richer by 2.75 million USD.

Yes I’ve now joined the millionaires club 🙂

Check out the below email from some sergeant from Iraq.

Click on the image to see it enlarged.

Millionaire Email

Turning point of my life (Click on the image to view it enlarged)

I’ve already responded to this email and I’ expecting the money anytime now…

Guess what folks…..I’ve just submitted my resignation letter  and also I’ve booked an independent duplex house in Besant Nagar (ofcourse facing the beach:))

Expecting you all on Saturday next week. C’ya.

(psst…I’m still wondering how  Sgt.James Cottingham got my email address..Well I dont care as long as I get my money :))

Sania Mania and the Cosmological Constant

April 12, 2010

I dont know how many of you guys are fans of Doordarshan. Doordarshan’s importance cannot be taken lightly.

After a long research and analysis, I now begin to suspect Doordarshan is the Cosmological Constant that Einstein mentioned in his field equation. When everything expands, time, space, 3rd dimension (Why do they call it ‘di’mension when its the third. Shouldn’t it be ‘tri’mension?), 4th dimension and all other dimensions, there is one thing in the universe that remains constant. And that my dear friends is Doordarshan. I’ll tell you why at the end of this post.

As per Wikipedia,

“Breaking news or special report is a current event that broadcasters feel warrants the interruption of scheduled programming in order to report its details. Many times, breaking news is used after the news network has already reported on this story. When a story has not been reported on previously, the graphic and phrase Just In is sometimes used instead. Its use is often loosely assigned to the most significant story of the moment or a story that is being covered live. It could be a story that is simply of wide interest to viewers and has little impact otherwise.”

The below news item that got breaking news slots was not

  • Path breaking
  • News breaking
  • TV breaking

or breaking anything for that matter. (May be a little ‘heart breaking’ for some guys).

Somebody’s gotta tell the Indian News media the truth.

We didnt watch Sania playing tennis coz she was good at it…We watched her coz she wore mini skirts and she was hot in it.

Now that she is not playing tennis and she is not wearing mini skirts, why would anyone watch a piece of news about her marriage? I could have almost forgiven the media if her wedding was a small snippet in the news but to give it the stature of breaking news when 79 CRPF men were killed by Maoists is unpardonable.



Headlines Today

Headlines Today









Sun News

Sun News

Times Now

Times Now

Zee News

Zee News

People from Indian News media…please listen….. WE DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!

While all the news channels were covering Sania Shoaib wedding, our good old DD covered this












Pity Einstein couldnt live to see this!!!

Meanwhile, Indian News media…Pongada Dei

holybook – I prove the existence of GOD(s)

April 10, 2010

Disclaimer: This post is purely an attempt to exceed mokkai standards and touch the ‘soora mokkai’ level and nothing else. Do not take offense to using your favourite God, or for not using your favourite God. Also, I’m not a heretic or an atheist. Afterall, I now prove that GOD exists( or should I say GODs exist). (Read my About page to understand Mokkai and Soora Mokkai)

It was one of those days when everything went wrong (not in my life mate…my life is great…I’m talking about the Chennai Super Kings!!!). Murali Vijay got out for a paltry score, Hayden was scoring only run a ball, poor scoring rate for a T20 game….I was praying fervently for a CSK miracle. It happenned. Yes a miracle. But not for CSK as much as it was a miracle for me. I stumbled on a website that only very few humans have got a chance to make it to. So considering the fact that general welfare of the human beings is my sole aim in life and since I don’t think about anything other than goodness for humans, I took a screenshot and I’m presenting it here. Yes GOD exists. But the bad news is, they are not going to be much useful to us since this is what they are doing…(Click on the image to view it enlarged)

HolyBook - Click on image to view it enlarged

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